Ethosite™ Web Strategy Platform


Once you get listed in the search engines, the dance to maintain your website ranking begins. Search engines are dynamic pieces of software, continually modifying algorithms and methods of indexing the massive number of websites found on the Internet. Ethosite™ keeps track of the major search engine algorithm updates, and we make changes to our software accordingly. This keeps your Ethosite™ website at the forefront of emerging web technology.

Furthermore, we regenerate your website on a monthly basis, even if you've had no changes, to keep your file dates current.

Some other methods of keeping your website listed include:

  • Online Advertising

  • Online Directory Listings

  • Your Own Social Media Websites

  • Other People's Social Media Websites

  • Email Lists and Strategic Posts

  • Mutual Link Exchanges with Other Websites

  • Online Communication Tools

  • Traditional Print and Other Media

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