Ethosite™ Web Strategy Platform


Our Ethosite™ Software + Your Data = Endless Possibilities

Ethosite™ is our in-house website generation and promotion software that is made up of a trinity of powerful components: the Static Website Generator, the Web Strategy System, and the Internet Promotion Machine.

Ethosite™ creates search optimized Desktop and Mobile Websites that are designed to maximize your organic (free) search engine results.

Our websites are of static design, which means that the page is not being created on the fly by pulling information from a slow database, but actually exists on the server in its full form. This makes our websites extremely fast-loading with virtually no wait time. That is critical to keeping your visitors on your site, especially on a mobile device.

Ethosite™ websites are built to the latest World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and the latest recommendations dictated by Google and Bing. When they make a change, our software is updated accordingly.

Ethosite™ website design is not tied to pre-created "templates" like other website generation systems such as the highly hackable Wordpress. We use our Ethosite™ software to build websites in an infinite variety of attractive designs, so your website design will be yours alone.

Easily added website pages allow for total website customization and seamless growth, with up-front pricing that won't break your budget.

Search Engine Optimization and other strategic indexing measures are built directly into your website's architecture.

Ongoing Promotion of your website by monthly regeneration, updating content, marketing campaigns, social media, online directories, and traditional media advertising keeps it in the search engines.

Finally, the Ethosite™ team is your Personal Web Concierge - every account comes with monthly time alloted for consultation or website updates.

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