Ethosite™ Web Strategy Platform

ABOUT MAGICBUS is a woman-owned SEO Software and Internet Consulting company that was founded in 1995.

We are website marketing experts in search engine placement, keyword definition, optimized web-build architecture, and Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Adwords. Our foundation is in software engineering and we are proudly part of the "Gator Nation".

We started as an AT&T Creative Alliance Partner from the beginning of the program in 1996. Under this partnership, developed websites for ATT hosting clients and provided turnkey services from website conception to launch.

We have proven success of Ethosite™'s online marketing strategy across a multitude of industries. We have designed websites for large corporations and small businesses, retail stores, medical practices, government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, industrial companies, radio and TV stations, and even some famous musicians.


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